Sunday, June 8, 2008

Super Downline meeting

Well, it is still hot here. My air conditioner is on the fritz again. I will try it again tomorrow and if it isn't working still, then I am calling for help. I need air......I am a fat lady and cannot tolerate it without my air conditioning. I have the ceiling fan in the kitchen going, and also the portable fan is blowing in the living room. Nice now.

Barbara, Me, Erin and Sarah
OK....Just wanted you all to know what an awesome day it was yesterday. Had my ladies here for the Monthly Downline Meeting. Aren't they beautiful? We always have such a good time. I just love the creativity in these ladies. They always WOW me. We played with the new Fresh Cut Notes. Everyone got to decorate their note card like they wanted. Fun to come up with all different ideas. I just did mine plain, as I was busy handling the web cam, phone with Weesie on the other end in New Hampshire. (How awesome is that?) I took a few pictures of the ladies, and then Sarah's friend Jana took a picture of me with my downline who were here.

And this is my beautiful "Weesie".....can't wait to
meet her at convention the end of July. She is such a doll. Everyone just loves this little gal.......she makes us laugh at every meeting.....and she has a new name now,
"Mrs. Kirkland" hahahahaha
Have to have been there to understand that one. is a snapshot of my simple and really easy card.
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Well, enough blogging for this evening. Hope to be able to start learning how to do this stuff, so that you enjoy coming back to see me....
God Bless ..........and Hugs....Ro

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Who wouldn't just fall in love with this silly face? My goodness, I cannot believe that "Bailey" our resident labrador is almost 13 years old. She is just such a little doll. Snores worse than my husband Ted.........but they are both quite adoreable.

OK, I am writing this edition of my blog and it is only 11:16pm here in California. But, by the time anyone sees it, it will be Friday, hence the title.
It's gonna be busy today as I will be getting things ready for the Monthly Down line Meeting for all of my wonderful Stampin' Up! ladies. I want this to be a special meeting as we are nearing time to leave for our convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I want to make sure that everyone is receiving all of the information that they will need to get their items ready for that wonderful experience. They are gonna just love it!!!! If you would like to join us.........just give me a call, and we will get you signed up right away!
Ok, now I am here at my desk and it is now Friday....... 7:33AM.........just finished walking and feeding the dogs and cats, and turning on the deck pond bubbler. Have my coffee, toast and sugar free maple flavored oatmeal in front of me.........yummy.
So, today I have a cute little card that I want to put together for the ladies that will be joining me at the meeting. It is so cute. It has two diagonal pockets on the front of the card that you can stick decorated tags in............soooooo cute............."Weesie"(my downline who lives in Nashua, NH) will get her sample in the mail. I think the ladies will really like it. I will post a picture as soon as I get it made and photographed.
Oh, and today might be a good day to go visit my baby sister, Kathy, as she just finished picking cherries from the top of her tree, and said she would like to share some with me. I think the gals would love to enjoy them also.
Well, time to get moving..........have a wonderful day.........
Hugs and blessing to all of you...................Ro